Martin Melchor Angeles (L) and Coindo Melchor Gomez. 

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Return policy

We offer a 14 days return policy for the full value, however, return shipping costs are borne by the customer. Goods must be returned fully insured and in saleable, undamaged condition. For more details please go to Revocation.


Shipping Tracking Damages

For more information about shipping, tracking and damages, we ask you to refer to Shipping in the menu.

Unpacking Handling Care Safety

Information will be provided in each shipment about  subjects under this heading. In particular, we advise you to be attentive to young children playing with wood carvings with sharp details and small parts that could cause harm.


General Information
The purpose of Oaxacaoriginal is to increase the interest and understanding of Mexican woodcarving from Oaxaca. With your help we can support the artisans of Oaxaca and encourage them in their work. We represent a small number of artisans but whose work is individually significant and collectively diverse. Their work is an expression of Oaxacan village life, a world into which we hope to provide some insight. 

In the store search for All Wood Carvings, by individual Artisans or find what is in The Collection.
Visit our Blog/Artisan pages, meet the artisans in full screen photographs and read about them and their work. Visit our Facebook Or, read about The Collection, an initiative to create exceptional woodcarvings.



If you live in Switzerland or are visiting then please make an appointment to see our wood carvings. Telephone Bettina Weider at 0041 52 366 58 78 or email  contact@oaxacaoriginal.com. We speak English, German, Italian, French and a little Spanish so we can welcome many people in their own language. 



Please contact us by telephone, fax or email. We speak English, German, French, Italian and a little Spanish. Our office is open during CET (Central European Time) working hours.

Wigglesworth-Weider GmbH
Islikonerstrasse 7
CH-8547 Gachnang
Tel. +41 52 366 58 78
Fax.+41 52 366 58 79

Recommended reading

Magic in the Trees: Shepard Barbash and Vicki Ragan
Changing Dreams: Shepard Barbash and Vicki Ragan
Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art: From the Collection of Fomento Cultural Banamex
Folk Treasures of Mexico: The Nelson A. Rockefeller Collection - Marion Oettinger Jr.
Crafting Tradition: The Making and Marketing of Oaxacan Wood Carvings - Michael Chibnik
Oaxacan Ceramics: Traditional Folk Art by Oaxacan Women -  Lois Wasserspring

Manuel Jimenez
San Martin Tilcajete
Dancing with Fireworks / Short film by Christopher Stowens
Dance of the Feathers / Short film by Christopher Stowens
La Zandunga / Short film by Christopher Stowens 
La Calavera Catrina
Flickr - William Goldman www.flickr.com/people/memo28/
Flickr - Karen Ewell www.flickr.com/photos/60047372@N00/
Mestizaje as Revealed in the Dual Nature of Oaxacan Wood Carvings by Heather N. Smith. https://library.cn.edu/HonorsPDFs_2009/Smith_Heather.pdf


Thank you...

We would like to thank you... and those that have played an important part in helping OO.

Giuseppe Leo - Berlin
Pippin Wigglesworth-Weider - Berlin
Arabella Ochoa - Sayulita 
Amy Mulvihill - New York
Bill Goldman - Chicago
Alejandro, Irma, Panchita - Casa Panchita - Oaxaca City