There has been tragedy in Margarito's life but he possess a character that remains optimistic and outgoing. He lost two of his children to illness and soon after his wife and painter, Maria Teresa Santiago. It is recommended that you read Changing Dreams written by Shepard Barbash with photographs by Vicki Ragan. They have got close to the lives of many artisans over many years. Perhaps, it is the extended family that has supported him as he had to support it. If our photographs are not equal to those of Vicki Ragan then we hope that some of Margarito's character shines through here.

Margarito's reputation is founded on his carvings of cats rather than the dogs that roam the streets or the coyotes out in the land. His is clearly fascinated by them. But his cats are as much him as they are themselves. Or, his wife as much as he. Or, his children, nephews and nieces, neighbours and friends. But they remain cats and if you have one it will look back at you as a cat and question your existence. Margarito remarried and his work is painted by his wife Margarita Perez Ruiz. She continues some of Maria's painting styles but has added her own to give Margarito's work new life. She guards a tradition whilst pursuing an evolution.