When the son of Francisco is telephoned, the first question is about how Francisco is. Some years ago Francisco suffered a stroke which left his left arm weak.  He was later hit by car and this has made walking difficult. He is now 87 years old. Valente's answer is that he is well and working and that new works are coming along.  There is no rush. At the moment he is making a goatherd with his goats and shepherd playing music to his flock.There is more and photographs will follow.

If working is harder than in years past and if some of his skills cannot be as they were then his will and intentions have not declined. He still loves to make works and to give us insight into the world around him. His fragile works are a true mirror of everyday Oaxacan life. The life that has to be got on with. If there is a beginning to this tradition, before it became a cottage industry or even exploited, it is to him one must point. There are others but none have told the story of their life and the world around them with greater simplicity.